Frame measurements are important to keep in mind if you are wanting a precise fit. Thanks to a standard system of measurements it is fairly easy to pin point a size that works for you

Lens or eye width, bridge size, and temple length are the three main measurements to figure. They are measured in millimetres and denoted as follows:

 KIMEZE Fit and Size Advice

All of our products also come with an indication of whether the frame size is small, average or large in our view.

At present we offer 145mm and 150mm temples. If you are someone with a large face, we recommend going for temples of 150mm. 


All of our acetate nosepad styles are based on an average fit which we have developed for a lower wider bridge. 

The majority of customers who purchase acetate nosepad styles will have a nose that comes out of their face below their eyebrows (even if only slightly below). If you have a very flat bridge we recommend an adjustable nosepad style of glasses. Which style is appropriate for you will also depend on personal preference. 

Our online try on is coming in 2022. However in the meantime, if you would still like to try the glasses on ahead of purchasing them, please head to our list of stockists where you can try the glasses on in person.